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Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs


State AT Programs make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities through --

AT Demonstration Activities

AT Demonstration Activities provide opportunities for people to become familiar with specific types of AT by comparing and contrasting the functions and features of devices through hands on exploration.

AT Device Loan Activities

AT Device Loan Activities allow individuals to borrow AT for a limited time period to try out and determine if a device will meet their needs before a purchase is made.

AT Reutilization Activities

AT Reutilization Activities support the reuse of assistive technology that is no longer needed or used by its original owner and is acquired by a new owner at substantial cost savings.

State Financing Activities

State Financing Activities support the purchase/acquisition of AT through financial loans or other initiatives that directly provide AT to consumers at no cost using dollars from non-AT Act sources or save consumers money when purchasing AT.

Fiscal Year 2017

State AT Programs provided direct services to over 600,000 individuals, leveraged over $21.8 million dollars in funding to supplement federal dollars and produced close to $65 million dollars in savings and benefits in FY17.

Fiscal Year 2017 Snapshot
State Financing Activities – Number of Cash Loans Made 853
State Financing Activities – Number of Devices Directly Provided 5,768
State Financing Activities – Number of Devices Acquired with Savings 3,735
Number of Reused Devices Acquired by Consumers 74,205
Number of Devices Borrowed for short-term loans 52,374
Number of Device Demonstration Participants 80,096
Number of Training Participants 125,783
Number of Information and Assistance Recipients 324,688